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Walk Route 1


A beautiful church, fine woodland and the opportunity to visit a superb National Trust property.

Distance 5 miles (8km)

Minimum time 2hrs

Ascent/gradient 16ft (5m)

Level of difficulty Easy

Paths Field paths and woodland tracks, 3 stiles

Landscape Rolling Warwickshire countryside

Suggested map aqua3 OS Explorer 221 Coventry & Warwick

Start/finish SP 204713

Dog friendliness On lead at all times

Parking Lane near church at Baddesley Clinton Manor

Public toilets None on route

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1 From the driveway to the church, walk to Hay Wood Lane. Cross the lane, turn left, then right and walk down the track opposite, passing by the Old Keeper's Lodge on the way into Hay Wood. Follow the track through the wood to emerge via a gate. Head for a another gate to the left of Wood Corner Farm. Go through yet another gate to arrive on the farm drive, then go left along the drive, passing close to the farmhouse building. This soon brings you to the A4141.

2 Go left along the grass verge of the A4141 for about 220yds (201m), then cross it and go right along a bridlepath between the buildings of Abbey Farm. Continue until you reach School Lane and walk right along it towards the A4141. About 100yds (91m) before you reach the end of the lane, go right over a stile and cross the corner of a field to reach the A4141 near the Ducklings Day Nursery.

3 Cross the A4141, enter Wroxall Abbey park through a pair of large gates, then follow the track through the grounds. In about 500yds (457m) the route takes you fairly close to the old abbey building, which you can see to your left. Where the track veers left, continue ahead towards a gate set to the left of a small area of enclosed woodland. Follow this path as it goes to the right of Gilbert's Coppice and continue in a south-westerly direction to a stile. Cross the stile and take the path to the left of the hedge to Quarry Lane.

4 Go right along the lane, then bear left at the junction and walk along the quiet Rowington Green Lane for almost ½ mile (800m).

5 Pass by the former windmill on the left and just before reaching Lyons Farm, go right through a gate on to a track which is part of the Heart of England Way. The route takes you to the right of the farm complex along a path/track going over a stile and through several gates. After passing Rowington Coppice you come to a handgate on to the entrance driveway of the church where your car is parked.

Walk Route 2


An interesting walk which most conveniently passes by three popular refreshment stops.

From the main car park at Hatton Locks, turn away from the canal and walk by the side of the White House. Go through the gate and follow the footpath up to The Waterman. Go past the pub, through the car park and follow the footpath that runs alongside the A4177. When you are opposite the entrance to Home Farm, cross the road (beware of fast traffic) and follow the way-marked footpath/track towards Home Farm. Just before the farm, turn left and follow the footpath across the field.

Continue along this footpath until you reach the A4177. Cross the road (beware of fast traffic) and turn right for a short distance until you see the footpath continuing on your left into the church grounds. Go past Holy Trinity Church and into the village of Hatton Green.

Follow the footpath until you reach the lane, turn right and follow the footpath past Ferncumbe School. Cross the road and turn left, keeping to the left, and follow the footpath leading past the edge of Hatton Woods. Do not take the footpath signed to the right, as this will take you in the wrong direction.

Turn left, following the headland path to follow the way-markers to the road, cross this road and continue along the footpath until you reach Station Road. Turn left and walk along this road into Hatton village, cross Hatton Glebe Bridge (Bridge 56) and continue to walk along Station Road.

Continue along Station Road until you reach the M40 embankment. Then, turn left and follow the way-marked footpath by the side of the motorway. Cross the road and continue along the footpath for 100m through wooden gate on left, bear right and continue through the copse known as The Wilderness. At the junction in front of Wilderness Cottage, turn left and follow the way-marked footpath past the farm buildings on your right, entering the field. Immediately, walk diagonally across the field and continue along this footpath until you come close to the junction with Dark Lane. Turn right (do not go onto the lane) and follow the way-marked permissive path through Hatton Country World.

Follow the path as it leads you through Hatton Shopping Village, past the café and Hatton Farm Village, through the car park and out of Hatton Country World across Dairy Field and out onto Dark Lane.

Cross the road (beware of fast traffic) and follow the signs leading you onto the towpath. Turn right and follow the towpath leading you to the top Lock and Hatton Locks Café, where there are views down to St Mary’s Church in Warwick. After the café, continue down the towpath back to the car park.

Parking Info

Car park at Hatton Locks


5.28 miles / 8.5 Kilometers


Walk Route 3


Stroll along the Grand Union Canal and visit magnificent Warwick Castle.

Distance 5 miles (8km)

Minimum time 2hrs

Ascent/gradient 33ft (10m)

Level of difficulty Easy

Paths Canal and riverside paths, street pavements, 2 stiles

Landscape Canalside and historic town

Suggested map aqua3 OS Explorer 221 Coventry & Warwick

Start/finish SP 277647

Dog friendliness Off lead along tow path, otherwise under control

Parking Racecourse car park

Public toilets None on route

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1 Walk to the end of the racecourse car park and go left towards the golf clubhouse.

2 Go right and take the wide green track between the golf course and the driving range. In about 300yds (274m), cross over the racetrack and go over a stile on to a footpath by a small factory complex. Continue ahead and, at the corner of common land, go right over another stile on to a lane and descend to the road. Go left along the pavement beneath the railway bridge, then left again over a final stile on to grassland by the Saltisford Canal. Follow this grassy area to the tow path, passing a large narrowboat mooring area and climb the steps up to the canal bridge on to the pavement beside a road. Go right, along the pavement and in 50yds (46m) you will come to a canal bridge over the Grand Union Canal and the busy A425.

3 Cross the road with care. Go left over the canal bridge and descend to take the tow path into Warwick, about 1½ miles (2.4km) away, passing by a lock gate with the Cape of Good Hope pub opposite and then going along the back of residential properties. Shortly after passing by a Tesco store and just before reaching the aqueduct over the River Avon, go left down steps to join the 'Waterside Walk'.

4 Proceed right under the aqueduct and follow the river bank footpath. At Castle Bridge, climb steps on to the pavement of the A425 (Banbury) road and cross with care.

5 Stroll on to the bridge for the classic view of Warwick Castle, then turn around and follow the pavement towards Warwick town.

6 In 220yds (201m) go left and meander down picturesque Mill Street for the second classic view of the castle. Return to the main road and go left through the main entrance gate to Warwick Castle grounds. Bear right and leave the grounds via a wall gate into Castle Street. Stroll up Castle Street passing by Oken's House until you reach the tourist information centre on the corner of the High Street. St Mary's Church is ahead if you wish to visit. Turn left here and walk along High Street, going beneath the archway of the Lord Leycester Hotel. Go right into Bowling Green Street and, in 50yds (46m), turn left down Friars Street to reach Warwick Racecourse.


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